We Have Been Interviewed!!

Howdy everyone! We are excited to share the interviews that Zayvius and I recently had that were conducted by Cryptic Jasmine on YouTube! We both had a great time talking about our music and influences, plus a bit of band history!

Zayvius was up first on March 17 and gave insight to all of his musical projects he has going on:

Zayvius’ Interview with Cryptic Jasmine

My interview was on April 14 and I go into detail about all of Manalyth’s music and history:

Brodee’s Interview with Cryptic Jasmine

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, we hope y’all enjoy our interviews and find some of the stuff we do interesting!!


Happy 4th Birthday to our Blood Moon EP!!

On February 9th our first collection of monstrous tracks “Blood Moon” celebrated it’s 4th year being unleashed! It was a blast to work on together with Zayvius and expand my knowledge of doing the production side of things to create something we are both very proud of. We appreciate the support it has gotten over the years since and hope people will continue to enjoy and pump it up loud in their playlists!!


The Site Is Back!

Apologies for the downtime that started around the end of September, everything should be up and running the same as it was before!

We are still in the process of writing and recording more releases for Manalyth and I have been working on a new set of mixes outside of Manalyth to be finished and released in the near future! Be sure to visit back soon for the next update, and a big thank you to everyone who continues to blast our jams for their support!!


The Butcher Is Back!

With the ongoing writing of new songs and improving the mix over the past year we wanted to showcase a bit of that huge and crushing atmosphere to expect our next big releases to be sounding like! The lyric video and audio stream have been reuploaded to YouTube and all streaming services will now be blasting the defined and explosive new mix! We hope everyone digs the new sound, looking forward to our next releases!

Official Lyric Video
Official Audio Stream

Latest Releases from Zayvius!!!

Check out these latest tracks from Zayvius! He has been putting a lot of work in to these songs and delivering absolutely crushing and dynamic performances that I feel give his music an unique and immersive atmosphere to take the listener for a ride! “What Is Peace? (feat. Undead Papi)” and “I Dream of Great Terrible Things and They Make Me Smile” (mixed and mastered here by Brodee @ManaMix Audio) are his latest releases and he was featured recently on “Ov Tenebris” by @CHXEU.

Working on the mix for “What Is Peace?” was more on the simple side compared to his other releases, taking a more minimalistic approach to the effects and focusing on the expressive deliveries from both Zayvius and Undead Papi while still maintaining an eerie decay in the background to glue the atmosphere into the world they are painting through the lyrics. “What Is Peace” was just released on July 13, check it out below or listen anywhere on your favorite streaming platform!

“What Is Peace” | Zxyvixs (feat. Undead Papi)
Prod. by ZERXX
Mixed and Mastered by ManaMix Audio

Released recently before that on June29 was the collaboration on “Ov Tenebris” from CHXEU featuring Zayvius, an extremely dense and pumping track full of thick bass and huge vocals throughout to keep the listener on their toes and hooked for more! The producer Aragoth did a great job creating the apocalypse of distortion and screams to round this release out for anyone to jam out to, available to stream below or on your favorite streaming platforms!

“Ov Tenebris” | CHXEU (feat. Zxyvixs)
Prod. by Aragoth

To round out these updates of releases we have “I Dream of Great Terrible Things and They Make Me Smile,” a solo track from Zayvius from earlier this year on February 24. Working on this mix was a tremendous amount of fun to get the different details of vocal layers and fx just right and work through all the layers of the beat from Aragoth to bring the song to it’s final sound, as well as working in that cinematic bit to the intro! Check out the Official Lyric Video below or stream it anywhere on your favorite streaming platform!

“I Dream of Great Terrible Things and They Make Me Smile” | Zxyvixs
Prod. by Aragoth
Mixed and Mastered by ManaMix Audio

More music on the way from both Zxyvixs and Manalyth, be sure to check back here and our social medias for updates on progress and releases! If you like what you hear and would like to inquire about having your own music mixed and mastered take a look here to read more and reach out to me to get things started! Thank y’all for taking a listen, we hope you enjoy the music!

Lich Priest’s “Tomb World EP” Out Now!! Mixed and Mastered by Brodee McLaren @ManaMix Audio

Just released on June 20 2023, this four song EP is full of speed, crushing heaviness, dense ambience, huge impacts and a great variety of influences from different genres that I feel Lich Priest was able to blend together seamlessly and create a unique sound apart from a lot of the more extreme metal that’s around these days. Each song has its own defining characteristics and fit together as a coherent soundscape despite those variations that keep them separated, and after working through them and listening to what is going on in these songs I think this short collection can make anyone a fan of what’s to come in the future from Lich Priest!

The mixing process itself over the past few weeks was a blast as well! Balancing the multitude of elements included in these songs was honestly a lot of fun, and working remotely together to make adjustments and get live feedback was an invaluable aid that I think got the end result sounding just right! Get ready for some chunky riffs, thick bass, and an intense roller coaster of composition with the Tomb World EP and be on the lookout for the next release from Lich Priest!

Folllow Lich Priest on instagram!

Tomb World EP (YouTube Playlist)

500 Spotify Followers!

We officially hit 500 followers on Spotify!! What we do has never been about the numbers for us, but still it’s neato to reach milestones like this for a small band with just a small but growing catalogue! We will continue to create the music we want to hear and share it with anyone who wants to listen and we thank everyone for their continued support, more to come this year!!

Thank You For 500 Followers on Spotify!

Thank You!

We are extremely grateful for all of the support y’all have given us and our music, it’s absolutely wild to see how many people have heard and (hopefully) enjoyed our music!! Right now we are working on new material as well as getting things ready for the release of the newly-mixed and freshly-screamed “Bloodier Moon EP!” We are proud of our original EP release and wanted to do it more justice with this new mix and re-tracked vocals, it is going to be explosive and we can’t wait for everyone to be able to blast them like they’re hearing it for the first time again!

Thank you to everyone again for your support and ears, we are gonna keep at it and get more music out to y’all soon!!

Mixing/Mastering Services!

Howdy everyone! I am now offering mixing/mastering services which can be read about at the new “Mixing Services” page on the menu bar! Check it out and reach out through the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in having your music mixed/mastered for release!

-Brodee McLaren