Blood Moon EP Release Date Announcement!!

Howdy Everyone, it sure has been a while since the last post here, but there is more activity than ever despite it as we unveil the release date for the long-awaited Blood Moon EP in the video below!! So be sure to mark your calendars and be on the lookout on just about every music streaming service and online music marketplaces for the EP, we appreciate all the patience and support from the people following us on all different platforms, and Happy New Year!!

Eyes (feat. Christina Rotondo) Official Lyric Video

Howdy Everyone, and Happy New Year! Start off the new year right with the brand new single just released today called “Eyes” featuring guest vocals from Christina Rotondo! The links on where to find the song will be below as well as to Christina’s YouTube, and the Lyric Video is out on our facebook and YouTube, as well as on TotalDeathcoreTV! We hope everyone has a great New Years and gives the song a listen!

Play Music:…/Bcrvejbyfhozkdv4x6q44qpux3m…
Apple Music:…/eyes-feat-christina-r…/1447064469

Christina Rotondo:

Nebula Covers (Brandon Craven):

We have an ad feature!

The neat magazine from the UK called Stencil Mag has put out a new issue and we have a cool little ad spot in there! Be sure to check it out as it has some cool interviews with bands and actors too, and you may find something new in there to listen to or follow!

Eyes Preview

Here’s a short preview of the song “Eyes” off of “Blood Moon EP” coming soon!! Recording has had to take a short break but will be getting right back on track very soon and the last bits of vocals will be finished and be sounding killer!!  Let us know what y’all think of this preview!!


New Ibanez RG8 Test!!

Just got a new (to me) Ibanez RG8 to do some writing, jamming, and recording with, check out this quick test song I made this morning, not too bad with the default pickups!!


It Lives (Single) Presentation Video

Although it is a bit late after the initial release at the end of October last year, we have made a presentation video for our single “It Lives” and we hope you enjoy the neat visuals along with the jammin’ song, and we hope to be seeing the song featured on different channels on YouTube as well!! So stop by and take a listen and give the video a watch and if you wanna let us know what you think, leave a comment here or on YouTube or any of our social media accounts!!


New Song Sample!!

Check out this cool new track we are working on!! It has some odd time signatures and changes with some good groove and dissonance that we are sure y’all will enjoy to hear!! Let us know what ya think in this post or on our social medias!!

Recording Resuming Soon!!!

Howdy there everyone! Sorry it has been a while between posts and things and little updates have been made; the semester has been taking much of my focus and time and prevented the ability to be working on recording vocals for the past while. But do not worry, recording shall be resuming during the end of May as my semester ends tomorrow and we will have a few solid weeks of recording time to slam out the rest of the tracks and get everything out as soon as possible! Until the, more updates shall come and be sure to check out our spotify playlist at the bottom of the site; the playlist includes our songs as well as similar music or music we like or inspire the writing process!