Mixing Services

Would you like to have a mix done for your original song or cover? Reach out to me through the form below so we can discuss more about your project and start working together! I have been writing metal music for over 10 years and mixing and producing my own music since 2016 for my band Manalyth, I have a wide range of amp sims, impulse responses, compressors and eq’s, and virtual instruments ready to go to enhance and bring your music to life!

What I Offer:

If you like the sound of massive and dense ambience, thick guitars, gnarly screams and rumbling bass that I do for Manalyth, or if you prefer a tighter and snappy mix that is up front and in your face, reach out so we can discuss it and get to work! Let me know what different aspects of your music you need assistance with, I can help with:

  • Mixing/Mastering
    • Having trouble getting things to balance out in your mix or your final output just isn’t really hitting right? Send me your stems and I will get everything to sit comfortably with each other to retain all of the important characteristics of the instruments and add power to the song as a whole!
  • Song Writing/Reworking
    • I can help to restructure riffs or assist in creating new riffs to get your near-complete song across the finish line!
  • Virtual Instrument Libraries
    • I have a wide variety of virtual instruments that can add more impact to your music, I can even do your entire song with virtual instruments if you have the midi!


I like to begin by discussing your project and the goals you are aiming to acheive with your music; wether it be by sharing examples of similar songs, a rough mix of your own or even a back and forth exchange of adjectives and alliteration, I want to get the best idea of the big picture right from the source! I will use the notes from our discussions and future feedback to improve the mix with each version and to maintain a neat and organized record of progress and changes to keep us all on the same page for the entire process.

Sending Files:

Please have the following ready to get the process going with a smooth running start:

  • All necessary stems for your song(s) in a lossless format (.wav, .flac, etc) with proper names to be able to more accurately and correctly set up the project.
  • For guitars, both the DI tracks and Printed Tone tracks (stems rendered with amp enabled) would be appreciated but DI tracks are peferred.
  • A tempo map for each song including section markers (Verse 1, Chorus 1, Breakdown, etc) to make communication and feedback easier to understand.
  • Lyrics to the song(s) if there are vocals.
  • MIDI files for possibly resampling things like drums if available.


My standard rate for a full mix on a single song is $100, for a three-four song EP my rate is $250, and for an album it would have to be discussed and negotiated since they can have a range of number of songs and all call for a different approach and amount of time. If you decide to go with my mixing services (Single, EP, or LP) after we have discussed your project, a down-payment of $50 will be needed. My estimated times for completing a single song mix is 3~5 days, 10~14 days for an EP, but for an album the timing would have to be discussed further due to variance in the number of songs. I will be keeping in contact with you either through email or messaging platforms such as discord to send over and keep track of progress and changes to the mix as we go.

Check out my music on Spotify or through the website discography, or take a listen to my sample mixes provided below to get more of an idea of the kinds of sounds I aim for and acheive, I hope you dig them and would like to have your music sound something like them!

-Brodee McLaren, ManaMix Audio

Audio Samples:

Manalyth | The Butcher | Official Mix
Zxyvixs | I Dream Of Great Terrible Things And They Make Me Smile | Official Mix
Lich Priest | “The Silent King” | Official Mix
DAATH | “Ovum” | Unofficial mix
Goliath | “Better Off Dead” | Unofficial mix

The tracks “Daath – Ovum” and ” Goliath – Better Off Dead” are used with permission by their respective artists and URM Academy. The original production and mix were done by Eyal Levi and respective artists. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual release, I was not hired by either band to mix their music.

If your band/project does not have a name, please indicate so with a placeholder like "No Band Name" or "N/A" please!
Thank you!