500 Spotify Followers!

We officially hit 500 followers on Spotify!! What we do has never been about the numbers for us, but still it’s neato to reach milestones like this for a small band with just a small but growing catalogue! We will continue to create the music we want to hear and share it with anyone who wants to listen and we thank everyone for their continued support, more to come this year!!

Thank You For 500 Followers on Spotify!

Thank You!

We are extremely grateful for all of the support y’all have given us and our music, it’s absolutely wild to see how many people have heard and (hopefully) enjoyed our music!! Right now we are working on new material as well as getting things ready for the release of the newly-mixed and freshly-screamed “Bloodier Moon EP!” We are proud of our original EP release and wanted to do it more justice with this new mix and re-tracked vocals, it is going to be explosive and we can’t wait for everyone to be able to blast them like they’re hearing it for the first time again!

Thank you to everyone again for your support and ears, we are gonna keep at it and get more music out to y’all soon!!

Mixing/Mastering Services!

Howdy everyone! I am now offering mixing/mastering services which can be read about at the new “Mixing Services” page on the menu bar! Check it out and reach out through the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in having your music mixed/mastered for release!

-Brodee McLaren

The Butcher Official Lyric Video

Now that The Butcher has been out for a bit and the mix has been updated, we are very excited to present our amazing new Lyric Video made by ayeyusif!! Read along and let us know what y’all think of the video!!


MANALYTH – The Butcher (Official Lyric Video)

The Butcher 2.0!!

Since its release in October last year, I have gone back and re-engineered the song to sound much better than the original, and now it is re-released on all major streaming platforms everywhere!! Check out our video below to listen for yourself, we hope everyone enjoys!!

The Butcher is here!!!

We are proud to present our next big release to everyone: The Butcher! We spent a lot of time putting care and attention into this monster of a song that was not only fun to create but also a song that we thoroughly enjoy! We hope everyone has a blast listening and be sure to check out our new merch if you dig the song and want to get some accompanying merch, or stop by our socials and give us a follow over there and on Spotify! We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to the next release!


We are kicking off this spooky October with exciting updates!! New merch is available in our store for The Butcher, which will be releasing on OCTOBER 15!! Check out the new stuff below or navigate to the store to check out and purchase a dope new shirt or sweater and follow our hyperfollow link to pre-save The Butcher on Spotiy!!

The Butcher Song Preview!!

Here is a sample of what we have been working on this past year since the release of our debut Blood Moon EP!! Along with its beautiful new art and logo, The Butcher will be coming in as an 8+ minute song with huge soundscapes, thick bass, and monstrous vocals, so be on the lookout for its release soon this year!!! Music recorded/produced by Manalyth Cover art by Kacper Gilka Manalyth logo by RickyStudio Title font by gfxqueenray


After almost 3 years since the initial release of “It Lives,” we are excited to present our debut release of “Blood Moon EP” to everyone today! We would like to give special thanks to Christopher Beattie for his master-crafted guitar solos on “It Lives” and “The Light,” to Christina Rotondo for her powerful guest vocal performance on “Eyes,” and to Dystopia Arts for the beautiful and captivating artowrk!! There are a total of 5 tracks on the EP totaling ~40min of heavy riffs, intricate leads, and some of the most brutal vocals around!! We appreciate the continued and growing support for the band and our music and we hope everyone enjoys our debut EP!! If you do, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send a message, and be sure to spread it around to anyone who likes some long songs and progressive death metal!!

Album Synopsis:
So in simple explanation, we have just a few characters: the Moon Spirit, the Host, and the Cult. The moon spirit is what lives in “It Lives,” as the Cult celebrates the discovery of the Spirit, but also do not know that the Spirit has ulterior motives in its plan to become one with the Earth again. The Moon Spirit uses its light as a way to influence and control the Cult followers so they can enact its plans on Earth. Its first task was to procure a Host body to be transferred into, which is the subject of “Eyes,” being about the many watching eyes of the Cult and Moon Spirit’s influence on the Host until they finally capture her. “The Light” is a switch-up that acts as an instrumental reminiscence that plays on the longing and sad distance between the Moon Spirit and the Earth, which then breaks into the contrasting aggressive “Disgust,” throwing us right back into the present of the Host being secured and a ritual commencing to introduce the Moon Spirit into the Host body, allowing it to walk the Earth and carry out its secret plans. “The Destroyer” is the betrayal of all of the Cult followers by the now-bodied Moon Spirit, where it uses its powers to destroy, torture, and eradicate humans, seeing them as a disease that infects the Earth which was so precious to the Moon Spirit, leaving the listener off at a cliffhanger point of absolute devastation.