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Welcome to the official site for Manalyth! From this site you can navigate through and listen to all releases through the embedded players or by following the links to their pages. If you don’t want to click all over the place, you can get to where everything is from the buttons below!

Although playing shows is currently unlikely, we would appreciate your support by checking out our music or by swinging by and leaving a comment, a like, or a follow on our social medias!


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We look forward to any feedback on what we are doing and will respond relatively quick, so let us know what you think or just start a conversation; it’s super neat to hear from people who enjoy our music! If you like our music, feel free to stream it as much as you would like and please share it around to anyone who may enjoy it too! We appreciate all of our fans and any support we receive!

Our vocalist Zayvius Craven also performs original raps and vocal covers on his YouTube channel of various metal songs and now has his own original Trap Metal music, so stop on by and check out some of his videos and originals!